A fairy tale king reading stories to his granddaughter. Painted by Juan Artola Miranda.Juan Artola Miranda

I am Juan Artola Miranda, a fabulist living in the Mexican Caribbean. My friends know me by the name of my father's father, but that name grew into something bigger, too strong for me to control. Artola Miranda is the name of my mother's mother. It's a better name for a fabulist.

The first meaning of a fabulist describes a teller of tall tales, a confabulator—a liar. For those with shallow minds, it feels like a slur. The second meaning describes a teller of deep tales, creating fiction, and in that fiction finding truth. I am a fabulist of both sorts, tall and deep. Wide, too.

Word & Sorcery

I dive into the black seas of time, finding the fables its beasts have swallowed. I pry open their jaws and wipe away the grime, revealing the iridescent wisdom that has grown inside. You can take these pearls and craft a necklace. Many years from now, you can give that necklace to your granddaughter in the dim light of a new night when she asks you for another story like the one before.

You can contact me or leave a comment on any article. I will read and answer all of them. Stories become better through conversion.